6th edition
Investment in Sustainable Development
22-23 February 2021





Following our highly successful edition at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in central London last October which received a royal greeting from Her Majesty and hosted inter alia an investors’ VIP reception at the House of Lords of the British Parliament, CC Forum’s  6th edition willbe held in the UAE and is subtitled “Investment in Sustainable Development”. The Dubai edition will be totally dedicated to exploring the ways in which emerging technologies (AI, blockchain, IoT, Big Data, Nano Tech, Bio Tech etc) can help resolve existential issues mankind is facing today including Climate Change and Renewable Energy and how we should all adapt our global business practices accordingly. As such CC Forum will feature institutional and private wealth aimed at impact investment, philanthropy and sustainable development. Be part of one of the world’s largest investors’ gatherings boasting a stellar line-up and a host of networking opportunities. Welcome to Dubai!

  • The glory of the distributed ledger
    Financial Times
  • Vibrant, exciting and a little controversial
  • It was a pleasure to speak at the 3rd edition of CC Forum. The audience was captive and the organizers managed to get together top people from the industry!
    H.S.H. Prince Michael of Liechtenstein Industrie-und Finanzkontor ETS Executive Chairman
  • CC Forum is an excellent multinational conference exploring and debating the future of emerging technologies and their application to resolving sustainability issues
    Lord Marland of Odstock Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council Chairman, MP
  • CC Forum's event in the QE2 conference centre achieved greater understanding of the manner of things for tomorrow's world. It has been a pleasure to participate and I have appreciated meeting many new friends who are dedicated to the process
    Lord JD Waverley
  • Congratulations on creating such a fantastic event! A brilliant line up of speakers! Very interesting and well-organised!
    Lord Chris Holmes of Richmond Member of the British Parliament
  • An awesome event everyone must attend to gather knowledge, connections and insights into this emerging embryonic market
    Thomas Power Board member of 9 Spokes
  • Max, thanks for having me at your conference! It was fun, we had great time. You had done really high caliber people attending
    Bobby Lee Founder of BTCC
    Bitcoin Foundation
    Board Member
  • Anyone interested in emerging technologies should be sure to attend CC Forum
    Roger Ver

as featured in the media:

  • 3 days

    of top content and intense networking

  • 100+ speakers

    hand-picked visionaries, world thought leaders and global transformers

  • 500+ attendees

    entrepreneurs, executives, investors, policy makers and experts

  • 30+ Investors Hub

    private and institutional investors, family offices and VC firms participating in the Investors' Hub

  • 7 awards

    CC Forum's 2019 awards for major contribution in blockchain, AI and digital innovation

  • 70+ exhibitors

    companies from fintech, blockchain, AI, crypto, gaming, law industries etc

CC FORUM kicks off in:





Speakers 2019-2020

  • Nouriel Roubini

    Global economist
    RGE Monitor

  • Tim Draper

    Founder - Draper
    Associates/DFJ/Draper University

  • H.S.H. Prince Michael of Liechtenstein

    Industrie- und Finanzkontor ETS
    Executive Chairman

  • Lord Marland of Odstock

    Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council
    Chairman, MP

  • Roger Ver Chairman and Founder

  • Eva Kaili

    Member of the European Parliament

  • John MacAfee


  • Craig Wright

    N Chain Chief Scientist

  • HSH Prince Leopold von Oettingen Wallerstein

    Impact X Partners

  • Bobby Lee

    Founder of BTCC,
    Bitcoin Foundation,
    Board Member

  • Brock Pierce

    The Bitcoin Foundation
    Chairman of the Board

  • Vinay Gupta


  • Guenther Dobrauz-Saldapenna

    PwC Zurich

  • Thomas Power

    9 Spokes
    Member of Board of Directors

  • David Siegel


  • Monty Munford


  • Dimitrios Psarrakis

    Technology and Innovation Advisor
    European Parliament

  • Lord Smith

    of Hindhead CBE
    Member of the British Parliament

  • Lord Holmes

    of Richmond, MBE Member of the British Parliament

  • Lord JD Waverley


Dear Friends,

May I have the honour of welcoming each and every one of you to CC Forum’s upcoming 2020 editions “Investment in Sustainable Development” in the UAE, Monaco and London.

Here we seek to fulfill multivarious missions.

CC Forum has been conceived as the world’s leading platform where governments present their innovative new strategies; where inspirational scientists relay to the world their revolutionary discoveries; where large corporations and small companies alike make global announcements, and where the brightest startups connect to the savviest of investors.

CC Forum is, simultaneously, considered a place where the world’s most formidable thought leaders are granted a unique opportunity to express their very opinions – even when they are highly controversial, and even when they are the polar opposites to what have become standard norms. We, at the CC Forum firmly believe that it is only via public discussions, debates and brainstorming that some of the most complex issues society is facing today can be resolved. It is where iron sharpens iron. Hence a vast range of topics covered, stretching from Climate Change, Renewable Energy and Waste Management to Impact Investment, Social Inclusion and Philanthropy with the emphasis on how emerging technologies can help humanity resolve the existential issues we are all facing today. CC Forum thus facilitates change by virtue of its elite and foremost thinkers in the sphere where high technology crosses finance.

Here is the paradox that has mesmerized and engaged me, my friends. Mankind has organically chosen to go down the avenue of technological progress, which, in my firm belief, is largely why we are now facing existential environmental problems. Yet it is inevitably a veritable fact that technologies again are called upon today to resolve these self-begotten issues in order to achieve the catharsis we collectively strive for humanity to survive and prosper. We have, thus, come full circle. So, dear esteemed thought leaders, the ultimate mission of this, our CC Forum is to contribute to cracking down on the fundamental issues of human development, point blank.

NOW, my friends, is the time to act. We do not have much time to spare.

Max Studennikoff
Chairman & Founder
CC Forum

There are a number of reasons why attending the CC FORUM is an absolute must.

  1. CC FORUM is privileged to have some of the world's best speakers. Some of these individuals are global transformers. Come and listen to what the gurus have to say!
  2. The top industry leaders, policy makers, think tanks, family offices, venture capitalists and institutional and private investors will attend the summit.
  3. СC Forum will be discussing some of the existential challenges humanity has been confronted with today including adapting one's global busines thinking and practices
  4. The forum's delegates should expect major global announcements and launch of sustainability related products and services.
  5. The Forum will provide startups the right platform to connect with potential investors. The Investors' hub alongside with shark tank sessions will be running for two days where you will be able to present your project to investment decision makers subject to prior appointment.
  6. A range of networking opportunities will be available to you. You will be able to connect with your peers and potential partners.
  7. There will be a fun part as well! The investors' VIP Gala Dinner will be the highlight event for many and will be held within the framework of the Forum.


Themes of CC Forum Dubai
"Emerging Technologies for Sustainable Development"

  • Climate Change
  • Renewable Energy
  • Alternative Fuels
  • Impact Investment
  • Conscious Consumption
  • Social Inclusion
  • Fighting Against Poverty
  • Banking the Unbanked
  • Philanthropy
  • Healthcare and Wellbeing
  • Government Strategies



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Press release

CC Forum
Emerging Technologies for Sustainable Development

April 2020 in Dubai & Abu Dhabi will see one of the world’s major investment events. Following CC Forum’s highly successful London edition in October 2019 which received the royal greeting by HM Queen Elizabeth II, the 4th edition of CC Forum will connect global thought leaders, policy makers, investors and startups from across the world for a 3 day top content event. The summit under the Patronage of Abu Dhabi’s Royal Family will be attended by government strategists, members of royal families, industry leaders, think tanks, eminent scientists, institutional and private investors, family offices and VC firms.

The event’s highlights include:
500+ attendees
100+ speakers
100+ exhibitors

The aim of the event is bringing together in one place top tier global decision makers and getting them discuss existential issues mankind is facing today – namely, how emerging revolutionary technologies (blockchain, AI, IoT, Big Data, nanotech, biotech etc) can help resolve them.

Bringing traditionally together the elite of the space CC Forum is privileged to have some of the world’s most authoritative speakers including global movers and shakers.

The programme of the event is highly intense: a muli-track conference, a buzzing exhibition floor, keynotes, panels, fireside chats, debates, workshops and round tables.

The event’s agenda will address a wide range of issues including Climate Change, Government Strategies, Impact Investment, Renewable Energy, Conscious Consumption, Healthcare and Wellbeing, Fight against Poverty, Social Inclusion, Banking the Unbanked, Philanthropy etc.

Part of the event’s programme are shark tanks pitching sessions where carefully selected startups will be presenting their projects on mainstage to goobal investors.

CC Forum abounds in a rich networking and cultural programme ranging from sightseeing and welcoming drinks to networking investors’ dinners and satellite events. It will culminate in our traditional VIP Investors Gala in Dubai on day I and the exclusive super VIP reception in Abu Dhabi on day II.

Summer 2020 will see the Monaco edition CC Forum “Investment in Sustainable Development” to be followed by the traditional London edition in October 2020. The dates are to be announced.